Women on Porn
Women on Porn
A reasearch project at Durham University

a research project at durham university

Women on Porn


We don't know enough about women's views on pornography.

Some women use it, some don't. Some have partners who use it. Some have been in or produced it. Some campaign to end it. All relationships to pornography are important and we need to understand them more. This research project has been asking women across the United Kingdom about the way they experience, think about, react or respond to and feel about online pornography. It closed with over 2,000 responses to the online survey and in-depth interviews with 100 women, making it the largest study ever on UK women's experiences of online pornography.


The project is now closed for participation

However you can get updated on the emerging findings through this website, and also find out more about the methodology and the thinking behind it. You can also find information on how to contact the researcher, and keep track of the conversation through Facebook and Twitter.