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If you want to participate, you can take part in an in-depth conversation. These are conducted via phone or audio Skype to enable greater anonymity as well as helping everyone who has something to say to have the chance to share it. The conversations are running until the 30th June, 2017.

Book yours in here, and find out more about what you'll be asked here.

These conversations are about providing a space for all women to talk about their experiences of pornography, and how you feel about yourself, your sexuality, your body, and your freedom in relation to it. The project is drawing on a new methodology which is about allowing space rather than interviewing as I believe there is very little space for women to talk about experiences such as these. As such we will be having more of a conversation than anything else. You can expect the conversation to take between 20 minutes and an hour, but can stop it at any time should you choose. There will be time at the end to ask me any questions you have, and the hope is that we can explore together some of the survey findings and what it all might mean in relation to the breadth of women's experiences.

The conversation will be audio-recorded, with your consent, and transcribed. All information will be kept on secure, password-protected computers and in locked filing cabinets in locked offices at Durham University. You will be sent the transcription of your interview before it is finalised and you can make any changes you wish. As a participant in the project, you will also be the first to receive a briefing of the project's findings, due in January, 2018.

The study will not be asking specifically about any experience of sexual violence you have had, though there is space to discuss this if you choose to. In addition no pornographic images will be shown to any participant at any point in the research process.

A detailed list of frequently asked questions about the conversations is available here.